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oeSENC Kartvilkår

Installere karter

Hvis systemet du ønsker å installere kartene din på er tilkoblet Internett, følg trinnene i Hent kartene på nett.

Hvis systemet du ønsker å installere kartene din på IKKE er tilkoblet Internett følg trinnene i Hent kartene frakoblet.

For å installere karter på Android følg stegene i Hent kartene på nett.

Hent kartene på nett

På nett, Windows/Mac/Linux

  1. Last ned og installer oeSENC utvidelsen (kun for OpenCPN versjon 4.6 og nyere). Hvis du allerede har oeSENC utvidelsen installert, oppdater til den nyeste versjonen.

  2. Gåt til OpenCPN, Alternativer → Utvidelser → oeSENC og aktiver den.

  3. Gå til o-charts butikk og lisensier de kartsettene du ønsker. Husk din påloggings informasjon for o-charts butikken (epost og passord), du vil trenge dem senere. Ignorer dette trinnet hvis du allerede har kjøpt karter.

  4. Gå til OpenCPN, Alternativer → Karter → oeSENC kart fanen og trykk Oppdater kartlisten. Bruk piltastene for å vise de skjulte fanene.

  5. Logg inn med din påloggings informasjon på o-charts butikken.

  6. Du vil bli bedt om et System Navn for å identifisere ditt system. Hvis dette er første gangen du installerer oeSENC karter på dette systemet, velg Nytt System og gi det et navn, minst 3 tegn og maksimalt 15 tegn, kun små bokstaver og nummer, ikke symboler eller mellomrom. Hvis du allerede har installert andre oeSENC karter på dette systemet, da må du velge System Navnet som tilsvarer dette systemet. Hvis du velger feil System Navn, så kan du fremdeles laste ned kartene, men de vil ikke fungere. Hvis du skal installere dine kart på et sekundær system eller om du har re-installert ditt OS, da må du velge Nytt System. Når du har installert ditt kart på to forskjellige systemer, da vil ikke kartet være tilgjengelig.

  7. Følg instruksene på skjermen for å tilordne, laste ned og installere kartsettene til ditt system som du har lisensiert i o-chart butikken.

  8. Når kartene er klargjort til ditt system så vil du motta en epost med en link for å laste ned dine kart. Du kan ignorere denne eposten.

Du kan også følge disse opplærings-videoene. Sjekk om det finnes undertekster for ditt språk i Innstillinger:

Hvordan installere oeSENC karter for OpenCPN (Windows)

Hvordan installere oeSENC karter for OpenCPN (Ubuntu)

På nett, Android

  1. Install OpenCPN 1.0.13 (or above) for Android 4.4 (or above) from the Play Store. Be sure you are using the official OpenCPN app.

  2. Install oeSENC plugin for OpenCPN from the Play Store to be sure your device is compatible.

  3. Go to o-charts shop and license the chart sets you are interested in. Remember your access data to o-charts shop (email and password), you will need them later. Ignore this step if you have already bought your charts.

  4. Back to OpenCPN, Options → Charts → oeSENC charts tab and press Add/update oeSENC chart sets to login with your o-charts access data. Use the blue arrows to show the hidden tabs.

  5. Follow on screen instructions to assign, download and install to your device the charts sets you licensed on the o-charts shop. If the chart is not available it means that you have already installed your chart in 2 systems.

  6. Once the chart has been built for your device you will get an email with a link to download your chart. You can ignore this email.

Online updates

You should visit Options → Charts → oeSENC charts from time to time to see if a new update is available. An update set is self contained, do not worry about intermediate updates you might have missed to install.

Hent kartene frakoblet

Offline Windows/Mac/Linux

For target systems without connection to Internet you will create a system identifier file for it, take it to a site with Internet access and request and download the chart set. Copy the received file onto some portable device and copy it onto the target system.

  1. In the target system download and install the oeSENC plugin (only for OpenCPN 4.6 version and above). If you have already the oeSENC plugin installed, update to the latest version.

  2. Go to OpenCPN, Options → Plugins → oeSENC and enable it. Create your system identifier file (Fingerprint) from Preferences. The plugin will report the path to the file. For Windows and macOS systems a copy is created directly on the desktop. For Linux systems the file is created on ~/.opencpn folder.

  3. Copy the Fingerprint onto some portable device and look for a computer with an internet connection.

  4. Go to o-charts shop and license the chart sets you are interested in. Ignore this step if you have already bought your charts.

  5. Go to My oeSENC Charts page and create a System identifier there uploading the Fingerprint file and give it a System name.

  6. Select a System name for each chart set you have licensed. Once assigned, it can not be changed. If your computer gets damaged, you are allowed to select a second System name for each chart set as a backup. In that case, create a new System identifier for the new computer.

  7. Make a Request clicking the button that will appear on the column Last requested and the chart set will be processed. Processing time depends on the chart set size, the queue on the server and the network charge at that moment but will be never more than 2 hours. Actually we are talking about minutes.

  8. You will get an email with a link to download your chart set. You can download it from My oeSENC Charts page too. If you have not downloaded your chart set in a week, you will have to make a new Request. Download your chart, copy it onto some portable device and go back to the boat.

  9. On your target system, unzip the charts into a directory of your choice and install your charts as always and you are done!

Offline updates

To update your chart sets go to My oeSENC Charts page. Column Last requested will show the last edition you requested. Column Last update will show the current available edition for that chart set. If Last requested is older than Last update you might consider to request the most actual edition. An update set is self contained, do not worry about intermediate updates you might have missed to install. Remove the old chart set from OpenCPN or keep it in different directory and download and install the new one as usual.

Refresh products

There are some chart sets with a discounted refresh option which just extends the license period for one year more after expiration. Go to My oeSENC Charts on o-charts shop to check if your expired chart allows extending the license and follow the instrucctions. You can assign the refresh product to your expired chart during the year following the chart expiration date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What OS is oeSENC plugin ready for?

oeSENC charts will work on Windows, Mac, Android and Linux systems (included ARM boards).

And if I install the software in a Virtual Machine?

It will not run there. We have to prevent the system from being cloned.

Can I use oeSENC charts on iOS?

No. There is no version of OpenCPN for iOS.

As how many systems counts a dual boot system?

Each HW/SW combination is an individual one.

Why do I have to pay for oeSENC charts?

We have to run this operation and respond to the charts licensors fees and conditions. The structure and costs are kept to a minimum. In case we have a great success economical speaking, funds will go back to OpenCPN.

OpenCPN is open source. Where is the code for the plug-in?

To work with oeSENC charts we have to ensure that no copies of the unencrypted cells are accessible during the execution of the software. Therefore, the plug-in has an open-source part and a binary. Similar to the commercial BSB4 or nv-chart plug-ins.